Unboxing: Betrayal at Calth

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Arriving this week was Games Workshops latest release in their Board Game Range. Betrayal at Calth.
This is a nice weighty box just over 2 kilos and feels solid to touch, unlike Age of Sigmar which is the standard think box. The outer for this looks and feels like Space Hulk.

Above are some shots of the sprues, I have tried to focus on some areas that have not had much detail.
In the box you receive 30 marines, 1 Dreadnought, 5 Terminators, 2 Characters. The sprues as every are crammed with options and detail. But more ion that in the upcoming review.
Lovely high quality printed tiles that we expect from GW, but a departure from squares and a move to hexes. Haveing not read the book in detail I am not 100% why, but it does look cool.

The transfers will allow you to field either Ultramarines or World Bearers.
2 books one very much in the style of Forge Worlds popular Horus Heresy books and the 2nd being a very detailed instruction manual. The cards are of a good size and text easy to read, not opened fully yet so surprises to come.
So a weighty box and crammed with stuff.
A full review will come shortly once I got to grasps with the content and have had a good read and play with the sprues.
If you want any focus points in the review please leave a comment below
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