My Mech are going to take a back seat until I have completed my Skaven team. Our gaming group has a cup competition on the 4th of Feb at Warhammer World and I foolishly wrote in the rules pack if you team in not painted you lose a fan factor. So I best lead the way and make sure my team is painted, More after the break

Currently GW do not have a Skaven Rat Ogre released so I hunted through the range and found the Stormfiends from the Clan Skyre range.

Yeah they are big huge even but they fit that 32mm base like a charm. I have postioned it running on the front foot. Choose the big circular maces for the hands , looks he is built for breaking that line to let the gutter runners do their thang.

On his back is the coaches spawn. but more of that in future posts.

The metals is copper with Angron clear over the top, I am thinking of gold and blue for the other colours as I am thinking the team owners are going to be an off shoot of Red Bull.

More posts on the team progress this week.

Catch you on the flip side