Long time not posting, but I have found that I have reached a bit of a crossroads in terms of where I think that my hobby is heading.

Recently have been very focused on 30k and armies for Horus Heresy a Word Bearers army and now and Mechanicum army. However I feel that I am grinding painting troops and playing very similar style games.

I really have enjoyed painting my Skaven Bloodbowl team, will have finished team shots in the near future. We had a great day of Bloodbowl up at Warhammer World, and I have picked up a Dwarf team for my next team painting project.

But recently I have stumbled across this wordpress blog :https://ironsleet.com/

These are some of the guys responsible for Pilgrym recently featured in White Dwarf.

I have always enjoyed looking at John Blanche’s artwork and seeing his work inspiring some stunning conversions has inspired me.

So my future projects are:

  1. Pilgrym : small warbands focused on the models and the stories rather than the rules.
  2. Dwarf BloodBowl team: I have the models assembled and undercoated just trying to decide on a colour scheme or do I go with a famous team?
  3. Age of Sigmar: Had this for a while and yet to play a game. So going to knock up a quick small warband, I have the starter box so I think I am going to do both Eternals and the Bloodborne and this will allow me to have 2 armies for the gaming group to play with.
  4. Mechanicum: Will carry on painting my way through the units that I have, and no purchases until I have completed those.
  5. Terrain: Will start making some terrain for both Pilgrym and Age of Sigmar. No idea on what lead this is going to take.

So what have you got planned in your hobby for the next few months?